GVM 4,500kg - 8,700kg


GVM 11,000kg - 24,000kg


GCM 38,000kg - 45,000kg


GVM 30,000kg - 35,000kg

Freight & Distribution


AWD & 4x4

Dual Control


Special Purpose







Major Motors Dealer News

Stay up to date with the latest dealer news around WA.

Latest news

Sleepeezee Beddings' reliable workhorse hits 1 million kilometres

In the bustling world of logistics and transportation, reliability is paramount. Every mile, every delivery, and every journey counts.

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Meet Keaton Ratcliff, a man with an important role in our workshop.

With fifteen apprentices under his wing, Keaton Ratcliff finds reward in helping a new generation of technicians develop.

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Australia's Most Dangerous Freight Route

National Road Transport Association Chairman, Paul Fellows has called for an industry discussion on driver competency while revealing that the Eyre Highway has been deemed Australia’s ‘most dangerous road freight route’.

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What would happen if trucks behaved like computers?

For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way computers (and our vehicles have enhanced our lives, read on...

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A truck headed for a tour around Australia

One of the joys of our industry is that we meet some of the most interesting people – often with interesting objectives in their purchase of a truck.

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Have you met the newest member of our sales team?

"Switching gears from Car Land to the realm of Trucks!” What could be more normal than that?

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Great news for Isuzu in 2023 – the ‘year of the Truck’

The year 2023 will go down in history as the ‘year of the truck’ with 47,757 trucks across all brands being sold in Australia.

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Major Motors Wins Dealer Excellence Award

Major Motors has once again received the pinnacle in recognition with the prestigious Dealer Excellence Award.

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Interesting Electronic Stability Control system studies conducted in Australia for the first time

In a first for Isuzu Australia and a first for any Japanese-made truck on Australian soil, Isuzu Australia recently conducted a rigorous round of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) testing and calibration exercises in conjunction with Knorr-Bremse Australia.

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More funding is expected to bolster road safety upgrades in WA

The Western Australian government has announced an additional $178 million for road infrastructure projects in regional WA.

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Allowable truck widths have had a minor increase

The Federal Government has recently announced a decision to increase the overall width limit for trucks in Australia to 2.55 metres.

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A career off to a great start

Just qualified technician, Connor Gillam is off to a flying start in his career as he has been selected as a technician from Major Motors to compete in Isuzu’s National Technical Skills Competition.

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IAL refines its processes

New methods of local product management, development and production are being developed by Isuzu to improve overall product delivery, whether that means production of fit-for-purpose solutions or reducing the time it takes to bring it to market.

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Isuzu showcases transport future at Japan Mobility Show

Isuzu Motors Limited’s (IML) and UD Trucks, featured a considerable amount of product and technology related to the company’s goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions from its commercial vehicle product range by 2050 at the recently staged Japan Mobility Show held recently in Tokyo.

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Isuzu says its new F Series trucks have “upped the ante” in the transport game

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has announced the pending release of the new four-cylinder medium-duty F Series models.

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Wash And Blast WA

With a name and logo that evoke a sense of energy, "Wash and Blast WA" sounds dynamic. Its logo certainly reflects this, and the company lives up to that image.

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Meet Chris Secker our new sales rep with a ‘lot of runs on the board’

How much hands-on experience do you need to make the grade as a sales representative?

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Isuzu to offer an upgraded customer care program

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is expanding its customer support program to take the after sales experience to a new higher level.

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Hydrogen – diesel engines may not be too far away

With transportation being held responsible for one quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, work on the project of developing a system of converting existing diesel engines into clean-burning hydrogen engines is well underway

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Federal government mandates reversing technology on all vehicles

The Federal Government is to apply a new design rule mandate on all new vehicles from November 1 2025.

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Truck sales in the first three months hit a record high this year.

According to the T-Markii truck sales database, Australia’s heavy vehicle market has delivered more than 10,000 sales from January 1 to March 31.

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Concrete reinstatement specialist keeps his NMR tipper active.

There’s an NMR 65/45 tipper out there that’s been in really active service. It’s the tipper of Derry Form Pty Ltd, a business specialising in concrete reinstatement work.

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We say goodbye to Gail after being with us for 30 years.

After being a valued member of our team for just over 30 years, Gail Buswell, our receptionist at Bibra Lake has moved on to a new venture.

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New features added to the F Series

A host of technology and advanced safety features have been added to the latest F Series models.


Deadline for the instant asset-write-off just about with us

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the Instant Asset Write Off before it ends, call the Major Motors team on (08) 9365 6333.


Instant asset write-off.

If your business could do with an upgraded truck in the near future, don’t forget that the government's instant asset write-off scheme ends in June this year.

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The Little Home Bakery, an operation that's not so little these days.

If there ever was a glowing success story developed by a migrant couple in Western Australia, it would have to be that of The Little Home Bakery.

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Port Hedland branch fuel vouchers won.

Major Motors Port Hedland recently conducted an interesting event… anyone who brought a vehicle in for a service or bought some parts went into the running to win one of two, $1,000 fuel vouchers.

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Meet Christine, the lady with the 'golden voice'.

If there is one role we regard as incredibly important with respect to customer relations it is that of our receptionist.

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The Tradepack Giveaway becomes a donation for charity.

The lucky winner of the Isuzu Ready-to-Work NPR 45-155 Tradepack giveaway has donated the vehicle’s sale to charity.

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Shortage of truck parking bays a major issue in the U.S… but no shortage of 'pot'.

If you think Australia could do with more truck parking bays along our highways spare a thought for our American counterparts.

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Gala dinner marks our Golden Anniversary.

A gala dinner at the Crown Perth was the occasion to mark the 50th anniversary of Major Motors.

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Apprenticeship applications are being taken now.

For young people interested in trucks – a great opportunity has just arisen as the Malaga branch of Major Motors is now taking applications for its 2023 intake of apprenticeships for Heavy Vehicle Technicians.

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A great day of golf on our Golf Day.

Wembley Golf Course was the venue again for the traditional Major Motors Golf Day.

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Meet Katherine & Libby – Malagas service superstars.

Whilst many stereotype a truck service department as a “Mans” world, these two ladies in our Major Motors Malaga branch have their hands full running the bookings, scheduling, quoting and managing of all the incoming and outgoing trucks on a daily basis.

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A happy customer thanks to some urgent problem solving.

We have a very enthusiastic recent purchaser of several trucks in ‘Pep’ Pezzano, principal of Pezzano Enterprises.

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Truck driving a profession in shortage.

It’s now official there is a shortage of truck drivers.

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Competitor in the Isuzu Apprentice battle of skills

A group of Isuzu Trucks automotive technicians and apprentices took part in an exciting battle of skills in Melbourne last month.

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Meet Sally Rossiter

Our feature staff member this edition – Sally Rossiter, is someone who our longer-term clients may remember.

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